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Autoritratto fotografico
Prima opera artistica su post it 8x8 cm
La prima videocamera di Heppi Noise

Hi I'm Heppi Noise.

I don't like talking about myself, I usually use videos to be quicker.

I had my first vernissage at the age of 5 with a series of naturalistic illustrations on 8x8cm post it distributed in my home garden in Terracina. It hadn't aroused particular interest for my guests and from there I abandoned my artistic career.

On the day of my communion, I asked for a video camera as a gift. I was very happy with it until my short films hurt the sensibilities of some professors and from there I abandoned my career as a satirical director… and the video camera was broken anyway and cost too much to fix.


I don't remember in which year I discovered the marvels of carpentry and model making but I didn't even sell a piece and from there I abandoned my career as a maker.

In 2017 (I remember this because there are social networks) I created my first collective artistic event. IN.PHA.ART: A week-long festival with different disciplines and artists from the contemporary pop world in Terracina. It was very cool but doing events well is sooooo difficult and from there I abandoned the career of event planner.

A lot of other commercial noise work stuff happened in the middle of life. Then comes Web3 and I understand from then on that I can no longer ignore it.


So hello, I'm HEPPI NOISE: Artist

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